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Parenting Coordinator

Parenting coordinators help parents carry out their agreement or court order about parenting arrangements. They manage and minimize conflict, and work to improve communication and trust between parents. Parenting coordination is a mediation-arbitration model. The parenting coordinator makes best efforts to help you agree on the disputed issue. If that is not possible, the parenting coordinator makes a decision, which is called a determination. Each dispute is resolved in a timely, cost-efficient manner outside of court. The goal of parenting coordination is to become redundant, that is, to model a process of decision-making and compromising until the parents no longer need a third party’s help.

Carla is a Law Society certified parenting coordinator, and a member of the first cohort of parenting coordinators in British Columbia. She finds parenting coordination rewarding, as it is a hands-on, practical process of helping parents to reduce conflict.