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There are many situations where a person may assume the parenting responsibilities of a child from the child’s birth parent or parents. The rights and responsibilities of the birth parents are permanently transferred to the adoptive parent or parents. Adoption creates a permanent change in the relationship between the child, the birth parents and the adoptive parents. Because of the permanency of the change, and the vulnerability of the children involved, adoption is carefully regulated. In British Columbia, the Adoption Act governs the process of adoption.

Family members may adopt a child of another relative. This may happen when a parent dies, or is unable to care for a child. “Step-parent adoption” is also common, where the new partner of a birth parent adopts the birth parent’s child. Adoptions also occur between unrelated people.

Adoptions may be completed without a court appearance, if they are uncontested.

We have assisted clients with private domestic adoptions, international adoptions and step-parent adoptions.