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Most family law cases settle without going to trial, and often without starting a court action. Even where proceedings are commenced in court, the bulk of those cases also reach a negotiated resolution.[...]


Mediation is a without prejudice process in which clients meet with a neutral third party to help negotiate issues. Mediators are usually senior family lawyers with specific training.[...]


Negotiation is the original, "plain vanilla" way of getting to yes. This is no insult to vanilla: sometimes basic is the best choice of all.[...]


Arbitration is gaining popularity as a means of resolving family disputes. Clients opting for arbitration can design a personalized dispute-resolution process from start to finish [...]


In this hybrid process, the clients select a person who will act as both a mediator, and an arbitrator if necessary. You participate in mediation, but if an agreement is not reached, the mediator switches hats and becomes the arbitrator.[...]


Parenting coordinators help parents carry out their agreement or court order about parenting arrangements. They manage and minimize conflict, and work to improve communication and trust between parents.[...]


A Hear the Child report is a non-evaluative report of children’s views. These reports, unlike s. 211 reports prepared by mental health professionals, contain no evaluation, analysis, opinion or recommendations.[...]


Collaborative law is a without prejudice, negotiation-based approach to resolving issues. The goal of this process is to help clients reach an interest-based resolution, while minimizing their stress.[...]


Through negotiation, mediation and collaborative law, we help clients with the full range of family law agreements: pre-nuptial or cohabitation, marriage agreements and separation agreements.[...]


Clients often ask us to provide independent legal advice about agreements drafted by their partners’ lawyers.[...]


There are many situations where a person may assume the parenting responsibilities of a child from the child’s birth parent or parents. The rights and responsibilities of the birth parents are permanently transferred to the adoptive parent or parents.[...]